New Expansions - Card Ideas Archive

This is a list of every card idea that has been put forward on the Wheel of Time Dream Card Forum.
I hope this will be of use when we come to making future expansions, and want a quick guide to the old card ideas - rather than sifting through pages of ideas on the old forum threads.
All the cards listed here are in thier latest wording (if the card has been changed after discussion). And listed after the card is the name of the person who orignally posted the card idea.
The card ideas in red are the cards already included in the expansion.

Characters Troops Advantages Events Challenges
Aes Sedai Aes Sedai Character (specific characters) All Events All challenges
Aiel Aiel Character (general)    
Andor Andor Player    
Cairhien Cairhien World    
Children of the Light Children of the Light Troop    
Dark One Dark One      
Dragon Dragon      
Illian Illian      
Mercenary Mercenary      
Tear Tear      


Includes all ideas posted on the Dream Card Forum until : 6 April '02, 9:52:40pm

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