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October 16 '02 - Since Arduwin is really getting going with the artwork for our new sets, new card art will be announced in the Card Art Updates box. For everyone's convenience.

And if there's anyone else out there who can create, or find, some art appropriate for one or more of our new cards which are currently art-less, feel free to let me know about it, or send it to me. Our aim is to get the entire set(s) fully furnished as quickly as possible. Quotes as well (I have done a few extras that aren't up yet).

October 10 '02 - I got a wonderful birthday present yesterday. 6 more pictures for cards from Arduwin. I can hardly keep up with him anymore. They include Toram Riatin and Davram Bashere (I love seeing pics of specific characters).
And since Arduwin is ripping through getting our card art sorted out, I've decided to finally get around to finding quotes for all our quote-less cards. Hopefully I'll do them all over the weekend. The idea is to get all the cards fully furnished as quickly as possible.
So the newly art-ed cards are:
Lord Toram Riatin, Gleeman, Cairhien Royal Guards, Davram Bashere, Halftail and Power Shield

October 7 '02 - Artwork for Ispan Sedai from Arduwin

October 1 '02 - Long time, no see.
Since 2nd Edition has had all the cards selected, we have had a vote on the forum, and a vast majority of people were in favour of another set of cards. So -
3rd Edition (better name needed) has been born. It is simply another set of 40 cards, which will have a similar make-up to 2nd Edition. I have added a new link to the list on the left, where you can go to see what's doing with the next set.

A few of the spoilers for the 3rd Ed cards I have put some old WoT card artwork on them, just to fill in those annoying white spaces. For example, Asmodean has the original Asmodean pic on it, and Gleeman has the Feast of Teven picture.

And Arduwin is still at it - Seventh Squadron, Traps and Betrayal now have some nice pics - making a total now of 11 card artworks submitted by him.

August 28 '02 - The Musician. Art. Arduwin. Need I say more.

August 20 '02 - Here we go again. Art from Arduwin. Two Rivers Defenders and Ravens (which already has art from Rolks - but now you can choose which one you like best)
.... and more on the way, so he says. Keep them coming I say...

August 15 '02 - More art.... Blacksmith's Hammer, by Arduwin... and apparently another on the way. I always look forward to getting art. I think we need more people out there getting in touch with their artistic side. (Well, for this good cause anyway)

August 3 '02 - A bit update today. I changed an error on one of our cards. Part of the "Guardians of the Light" card read 'character of troop'. I changed it to what it should have been - 'character or troop'.

July 29 '02 - ...and some more great artwork. This time from a new name in art, Rolks. (not that there are many names there as it is.)
Check out the new pics on the cards
Ravens and Shadowkiller.

June 30 '02 - ..and some more fantastic artwork from Arduwin - this time for Defending the Nations.

June 21 '02
The other day, Mike Mayhem had the honour of being the 1000th visitor to this wonderful page.
Mike Mayhem was the creator of one of the decks for "
The People vs HLX".
This site has been up and going for just under a year (opened 28th July 2001) - so the average comes to almost exactly 3 per day (not bad for a site dedicated to a game which is no longer produced - if I do say so myself).

Unfortunately for Mike, there is no prize for being #1000, except the glory of knowing that it was him (and of everyone else knowing...).

Thanks from me go to everyone who has visited over the last year or so - knowing that people are actually coming here is the only thing that kept me inspired to keep the site going. If it wasn't for the demise of the Precedence and their production of the WoT:CCG, who knows how much more interesting stuff this site may have had. But the spirit of the game lives on in all who visit this site, and others like it - and the forums, for the production of the player-created 2nd edition - and the Missing Link Expansion site.

And so we look forward to the next 1000.

June 19 '02 - A few more errors corrected. Links to Daes Dae'mar and Nine Bees fixed up on the card lists. My Aginor card which I said had a picture on it now, actually didn't (must have forgotten to upload the new version)

And Arduwin has sent some new art - very nice work indeed. It's on Guardians of the Light

June 9 '02 - Just a few typos that have been pointed out to me in the spoilers. I've fixed them up.
Netweaver: said "you sections of the pattern" instead of "your section of the pattern"
King Gaebril: His last sentence has been corrected to now be a Limited Event
Blacksmith's Hammer: Changed the wording of the part about rotating one of the advantages.

June 4 '02 - I've been falling a bit behind with these 2nd Edition spoilers. I haven't given up on them, though - I've just been really busy. So now it's time for a big update. 9 new cards in one hit!!! 9 new advantages!!! And do you know what that means??? We now have 40 cards in the set. Do you know that means??? This set is complete.

So...what happens now? Well, with the set complete, all of these cards can be properly tested. If any of the cards are found to be overpowered, they can still be changed.

'Officially', all of these cards are still in the 'playtesting' phase but I'm going to veiw it and refer to as being finished - for 2 reasons
1) As far as I predict, there will be very little feedback on these cards, so they will be changed very little to none.
2) These cards are only represented by text and images on the internet, so any changes that need to be made, can easily and instantly be changed - so we might as well say they're finished and any changes can just be ... well... changed.

So, what are you waiting for - go here and see the last 9 cards to be put into the set - maybe even send me some artwork for a card (or several cards) - or send me some ideas for quotes for any cards I don't have quotes for.

In other news... I found a picture I created for the Aginor card. I did it a long time ago and thought it was pretty poor, so I put it aside and forgot about it. But seeing as there is no activity on the art-work front, I decided I'd put it in anyway.

May 8 '02 - The first advantage is released for our 2nd Edition. Plenty of cards in the running for this position (there were 2 - both from e r bushwacker). Defending the Nations took the spot.

May 5 '02 - The card formerly known as Owein has been changed to Ihvon. Apparently when Mimer originally proposed the card idea, the wrong warder's name was put on it, and it has now been corrected.

May 3 '02 - ...and I'm back in business. So what's been happening lately?

There has been a bit of discussion... disagreement perhaps... not quite aggression, but anyway... It's all about the "WoT CCG: Missing Link Expansion - A Sign Of Hope". It is expansion of 200 new WoT cards which has been set up by a group of people outside of those working on our 2nd Edition effort. Quite a few cards from the Sign of Hope set were taken from ideas on 'our' Dreamcard Forum. This had a few people quite angry.
However, after some discussion and negotiation, the offending cards in the Sign Of Hope have been either removed, altered or linked to the spoilers on this site, and credited to the workers on this set.

The Sign of Hope set is very interesting and seems quite well done, but I will say that my first reaction was dissapointment when I heard about it, but not because of the taking of our card ideas. My immediate thought was that people would suddenly give up on this expansion and all move over to use the "Sign of Hope"cards. That all the work put into our set would suddenly become useless. But, I guess we'll see what happens.

It is certainly worth a look, if you haven't already - Missing Link Expansion - A Sign Of Hope

In local 2nd Edition news, the Children of the Light troop has a proper name now - Guardians of the Light
Advantages are the next cards on their way... keep a look out.

April 23 '02 Well, I'm away from my computer for the next week or so, so I won't have any changes to the site over that time. You will still see me around the forums, but there will be no changes to the site. Look forward to some good things when I get back though!

April 9 '02 - Right, I'm back! Well, I never went anywhere, but I'm back anyway.

Children of the Light troop is decided. Needs a name still.

Illian Troop coming soon.

New useless fact at top of page.

I feel like doing something new for this site, but I have no ideas.

End of today's news.

March 26 '02 - Arduwin has put in a second piece of artwork for 2nd Edition cards. Again, we have a combination of old card pictures to make a new one.
Some very clever work for this one. As he said to me, "there are exactly 3 original card pictures used. See if you can find them...hehehe."

See the new work on the Lurk card.

March 25 '02 - A week late, but Davram Bashere has emerged from the Council Chambers as the second dragon character for 2nd edition. He joins the recruitable version of Rand, Shadowkiller, in the set.
Now 28 cards are in out of 40, and all the characters are finished.... getting exciting, hey?

And just a quick note - there have been some people calling Rand Shadowslayer, and some saying Shadowkiller. Well I found a quote to prove that it is Shadowkiller - so that's what my spoiler is called (the quote is on the card).

March 22 '02 - Yes, I said the Dragon characters would be up today. Well they should have been, but there were complications in the Councils of Nine's voting (ie. we had a tie - so we've had to break it). I have got my Blademaster artwork for you all to enjoy (or not, depends what you think of it).

March 14 '02 - Time for the second WoT CCG useless fact. See the top of the page. Dragon characters for 2nd Edition will be up on Monday. I'm working on a bit of a pic for the Blademaster card, keep an eye out.

March 9 '02 - Apologies for the delay since the last update. Everything should be back up to date now. More art for our cards now, with Fetch creating some spectacular stuff for Political Alliance. Personally, I was very impressed with it. Also, Arduwin has submitted a nice Wolf pic for the Burn card.

You probably noticed my Mat the General picture at the top of the page. He is the subject of the first Useless WoTCCG Fact. New facts to be put up whenever I can think of a new one.

February 19 '02 - Over the last couple of days, I have spent a lot of time going back through all the old posts on the Dream Card Forum and I have done 3 things:

1) Completely updated the Card Archive. You can now see all the ideas that have been put forward by different people for this expansion, as well as who posted each card idea originally.

2) On the Card List & Gallery, I have included the name of each cards creator, as well as who did the artwork for each card.

3) On the 2nd Edition page, you can go to "HLXs Card Designer Awards".
I won't bother explaining it here, go see for yourself.

February 14 '02 - Thanks to Fetch, we now have the first 2 cards of our new expansion with artwork. And he has gone to prove that you don't need to be a expert with pencil and paper to create artwork for these cards. Check out the Legion Commander and Wolf Pack cards to see what he has done.

If anyone else out there can do, or get, some artwork for these cards, please e-mail it to me ( so we can get some cards that look good, as well as being good for the game. We aren't looking for expert pictures (but if you have some, we'll gladly take them) - just something to "fill in the gaps".

Plus another 2 cards in today (Dark One troop and Illian Character).

February 10 '02 - It has been kindly pointed out to me that several of the spoilers in the 2nd Edition section were incomplete. So Aginor and Lord Toram Riatin have been fixed, they now include the missing symbols in their effect text.

2 more cards added today - with 3 event cards to be added as soon as one minor detail has been finalised.

February 6 '02 - So the cards for this set are coming thick and fast - the set will be complete in around 5 weeks at this rate. However..... the volunteers to do the artwork for the cards have pulled out, most saying that they do not have the enthusiasm in the WoT:CCG that they used to. They will continue to support the project but no longer have the enough time to devote to it to do artwork. So the set will not look as good as it was going to at the start. Oh, well. At least now it will get done.....

Hey, what about I do some art!!!! Err, maybe not - I think the cards would look better with nothing. :)

In other news (about me!), I finally got the last two cards I needed to complete the sets of cards. The only card I don't have is the test card 'Insane Designer'. So, do I fork over the required $90 (Australian that is) to have a really full set or not? Hmmm...

January 30 '02 - Right, we're back on track with this new set (sure, there's virtually no-one out there any more who cares about it, but we are forging on regardless). Now up over a quater of the cards are out for playtesting (not that anyone will be bothered actually playing with them, but they're in a playtesting phase anyway).

Keep checking the Forum or my 2nd Edition section for all the "official" cards.

Not much more news in the WoT:CCG world... as usual.

7 December '01 - Well, over a month since the my last update, and only 6 cards into the set (out of 40). No artwork yet from the people who said they would do it. There are polls and discussions in the Council Forum where Council Members are not discussing and/or voting. Co9 members seem to be dissapearing. BetrayerOfHope hasn't closed any threads on the main forum in ages. There hasn't been a post on the Council Forum in more than a week (not my fault, I've got my votes and opinions in, but a great many seem to have forgotten this project).

As you can tell, this set is coming along nicely......(hmm, sarcasm doesn't work well on the internet)

Well, I'm not happy about this!
I knew it would happen, though. Eventually, people would tire of doing this and the whole project would get slower and slower....and eventually it will just stop.

Sorry to sound so critical of things/people, but there are a lot (well, some) of us who are still right into this, and we are being let down by others who said they would be right into it - I mean really, it only takes 10 minutes every day or two to visit the forum and post some ideas or vote for something.

Right, got that out of my system. Now I need to come up with a way to remedy the problems we are having.... anyone got anything???

5 November '01 - The new set (now being called A New Beginning by some - but we still need an official name) is moving ever-closer to being complete. The first few cards have now moved into the playtesting stage.

My 2nd Edition section is now set up to hold all the information about the set as it comes along. This section, from now on, will be updated as often as I can, so you can have easy access to all the latest info about this expansion.

As you would have noticed, I've added an enter page (or whatever it is you call it). To be honest, the only reason I did it was to make it easier for me when I'm working on the site.

21 October '01 - As work on our new expansion moves along at a cracking pace, I have set up a new section called 2nd Edition (for now - until we come up with a name for the new set). This section has very little in it at the moment other than news on where we are up to. But as the expansion moves along, it will contain spoilers, card sheets, and anything else that relates to the new cards.

11 October '01 - So the Wheel of Time will continue to turn. There is overwhelming support on the Forum to continue the Wheel of Time CCG through a player-created expansion.

Basically, there will be a small expansion created (40-60 cards), with ideas for cards coming from anyone who has an idea they would like to share.
A "Council of Nine" has been selected. This is simply a group of people who will have the final say on things such as card text and wording, and any issues which are not agreed upon by the majority.

This is the simple explanation of what is happening. Things are moving along very quickly, so if you want all the latest, go to the Forum where the discussion of this set is taking place.

When the cards from this new set start to be finalised, I will add a section here where you will be able to see 'spoilers' of the new cards. And I will (possibly) put actual-sized cards here for you to download, print out, and use to play. They would be available in both full-colour-realistic-looking version, and in straight text version. You can can go to the Dream Cards page where I have examples of the cards I would make to put here.

In other news from HLXsWoTCCGPage. I have added Aginor to my "Forsaken Family Photo" (which appears on the Decks and Opening Hands pages)
Also, I finally remembered to put one of my answers to the one of the "
WoTCCG Challenges". Go there to see how many cards you can get out of your deck in one turn.

6 October '01 - The Wheel of Time CCG is "officially" dead. But there has been interest from several people on the forum in trying to keep the game going by designing new cards/expansions among the players.

I will support any effort to keep the game alive in any way, and this site will continue to run so long as there is real interest in the game out there.

If we the players continue to create our own cards/expansions, I will add a gallery of cards that players can use to view the cards that have been designed and agreed upon.

Have a look at my Dream Cards pages (pg1 and pg2) to get an idea of how the cards would look if I were to make a gallery. Hopefully we can get some people to submit artwork for the cards so that they can look the part as well.

I hope that at least some of the players out there will continue to keep this game alive in some way.

21 September '01 - Aiel and Asha'man dream cards are now here.
Another battle won and lost in the ongoing struggle of
The People vs HLX.
Eratta page is now complete with every card which has been re-worded in any way now listed on the page.

And I have now included a guestbook. If there is anything you would like to say about this site, let your thoughts be known. If there is anything you would like to see added (or removed) from the page, put in down in the guestbook - I am always looking for new things to put here.

6 September '01 - Too much effort to find artwork for my dream cards, so only a select few will now be made into pictures of the cards. The rest of my Dream Cards are going to be put onto my site in straight text form. I have MASSES of card ideas on my computer here, and I am in the process of going through them ALL to fix up the many things that are wrong with them (mostly they were just massively overpowered - they really were 'Dream' cards). So check out the Dream Cards section, where all of my Aes Sedai card ideas are up. good are my decks? Well, I've started playing some of my decks up against decks that have been created by other people. I have taken decks from other sites and played them against some of mine. See how my decks performed (and if you've submitted a deck somewhere else, or posted one on your own site, you might see me facing off against your deck) - Go to The People vs HLX

18 August '01 - Eratta. Amazing what a few changes on a card can do. Adding a sentence, removing one, maybe even just changing a word or two. In case you haven't heard, 13 cards have just received eratta. If you need to catch up on this latest development, go to my new Eratta and Clarification section (also to see what I think of the changes to each card) - check out the forum too, where there has been a lot of discussion about this (as you would expect).

But - this eratta has also affected plenty around here. My next update had to be put on hold. Here's why: I was about to add 2 new decks to the Decks section. Neither of them work any more. Not only that, but 1 deck already up has been destroyed. Also, 1 opening hand on my page has been wiped out. Look for this background design to spot eratta-affected sections

The other thing is that the Countdown has been ripped apart. Have a look at the countdown page to see why I had to stop it...

30 July '01 - Added 4 more cards to the Dream Card section. (All pretty ordinary in my opinion. I've almost perfected some of my good card ideas - they're on their way.) Also got some links to other sites. I'll just be adding a few things here and there around the site for the next week or two, until I've got everything on here that I intended to begin with. I won't necesarily be putting every little change on this update section, so make sure you keep checking back for a quick look around.

29 July '01 - The Countdown gets underway. Actually started at number 119 because there were some cards that I couldn't bring myself to leave off the list. I've almost finalised the full list up to number 1, so I might get through them quicker than I thought. I'll get my links to other WoT sites up soon - and a few more features I've been thinking about.

28 July '01 - Site is up and running. Here's a rundown of what is here at the moment.

Dream Cards - The best place for dream cards on the net, because you can see them all. Well, you will be able to see them all eventually. To begin with, there are 4 cards on the page to give you a look at what to expect (visually) in the future. However, the cards themselves are not among the best ideas I've ever had. Watch for more powerful, more fun, even some more humour in the cards to be posted in the future.

Countdown - At the moment, I am working on a list of the most powerful cards in the game at the moment. This is proving a near impossible job, so the list is becoming more of a combination of power, how much I use and see other people use the cards, and how useful it has been in decks that I have played and played against. The countdown will begin at number 100 in a few days, and a few cards will be posted at a time - slowly working to number 1.

Decks & Opening Hands - Nothing much there at the moment, but there will be, when I find all my old deck lists and post them. I'll include links to other pages of Decks and Hands just to make my page look a bit better.

WoTCCG Challenges - Games and Puzzles involving cards and strategy from the game. Check them out if you want something a bit different. Try to beat my best for each challenge.

There will be more features added in the future, as well as extensions to the current pages. I will update as regularly as I can, so check back often. Yes, really. There will be regular updates.