Opening Hands


Auto Rand (0022), Pedron Niall, Into the Fight, The Dragon Sceptre

Get Pedron Niall out and still have 2 pattern at the end of the first turn. This hand explains itself. Put the Dragon Sceptre on Rand, rotate to give him the Children allegeince. Rotate Rand to get his symbols, play Into the Fight. Rand's symbols + Into the Fight + Convert 1 pattern = Pedron. Since he is in the battleground, put him into the pattern challenge with his reinforcement he now has. Pedron should roll 3.7 support by himself, enough to win the pattern challenge, and take you back to 2 pattern. Even if he doesn't win it, you have 1 pattern left, and that's more than most Pedron opening hands give you.

Extra Card Rand (1121), Elayne the Accepted, Conquest, Strong Loyalties, Character, Lay of the Land (SA)

Fast Flexible hero start. The 'character' in the opening hand can be a few things depending on the deck you are using it with. Declare Conquest and put Rand into it. Lay of the Land gets a Terrain card if you are opposed. Dense Forest if you are worried about damage or Into the Fight, Stedding if the opponent might out-support you with Lanfear or Greandal. Conquest should be OK to win, get and control Andor. Use Strong Loyalties to get Elayne Trakand. Second turn, recruit Elayne and replace her, then get Aviendha and Min. Your 'character' could be Aviendha Apprenticed, who could then get Amys. It could be Faile, which would mean you have 4 pattern and Min for the Ta'veren replacements (using General, Goldeneyes, Ashandarei, HM Axe to search for basic Ta'veren quicker.)


Balthamel, Conquest, Strong Loyalties, Aludra, Children's Crusade (SA)

The Damge Hand. First turn declare Conquest, and get Andor out of your deck. Put Balthamel into Conquest and you should win it. You now control Andor by 2. Once you have 2 tokens on Andor, use Strong Loyalties to add another token to Andor, and get Galad into your hand. Second turn, even if Balthamel rolls nothing, you can still convert 2 pattern for Galad, and use his 2 extra OP to pay for Aludra. Third turn, everyone into the battleground to win back your pattern (I'm sure 8 free damage will keep most people away.) while you draw some more nasty cards out of your deck. Use Children's Crusade to let Galad and Balthy go into challenges together.

Balthamel, Rahvin(DP), Lucky Find, Invasion

A slight tweak on a classic Opening Hand. Turn 1: Discard Rahvin to get another Forsaken out of your deck, and recruit them. Use Lucky find to get an advantage. Turn 2: Declare Invasion, put one or both of your characters into it, and get Rahvin and Lucky Find back. You now have 2 forsaken out, plus one in your hand. And 2 advantages of your choice - The Great Lord Comes or other prophecies, The Chosen, Angreals, just to give you some ideas.

Feel free to send me any Openings you have. As with everything else on this site, there will be more of these hands posted.


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