WoT CCG Challenges

Here are some challenges for all of you out there who feel like something a bit different, but still WoT related.

Additional games and challenges coming here soon

The Deck Reducing Opening Hand

Start with a 60 card deck. Design an opening hand which makes you have as few a cards as possible in your deck at the end of turn 1. Remember, it doesn't have to be useful, it just has to get as many cards into play/hand/discard etc as you can in one turn. And if you draw cards, you can't assume you know what you will draw. You can assume you win any challenge on turn 1 (but not by huge amounts), and assume you will roll about half the number of symbols of dice you roll.

Example: Blademaster Rand, Moment of Transition, Dragonmount, Invasion, Lines of Command (SA)

Declare Invasion, search for Heron-Mark Blade with Rand's ability, go into invasion, play Dragonmount which lets you search for the top advantage, make Pull of the Ta'veren the only other advantage in the deck, so you get it. Play PotT, and rotate it to find a Ta'veren. Play Moment of Transition to draw 3. Win Invasion to draw 3 more. Draw 2 cards at the end of the turn.

Cards out of the deck: Rand + Heron-mark Blade, Moment of Transition + 3 cards drawn with it, Dragonmount + PullotT + Ta'veren, Invasion + 3 cards drawn with it, Lines of Command, 2 cards drawn at the end of the turn.

16 cards out of the deck = 44 cards left at the end of turn 1.

This is just an example of what you have to do. If you want to see my best opening hand - click here - if you can beat it, tell me about it.


The 15 card Dice-Rolling-fest

Using 15 cards in total, make yourself roll as many dice as possible in a turn. You can put the cards in play or in your hand (you must stick with hand size limits). Any cards in play are under your control (including Contested Advantages), it must be either a Hero or Villain (you can't have Dragon and Dark One together), and you must have a starting character. Basicly, it has to be as if you could have it in a game. You can assume you have 10 pattern.

Example: Hand: Strength in Diversity, Heavy Fighting x 3 (4 cards)

In Play: Galldrian, Rhuarc, Perrin Goldeneyes (who was the Perrin starting character), Siuan Sanche, Elyas, Andor, The Lion Throne, Birgitte, Aan'allien, War Party, The Host (11 cards)

Dice: Galldrian 7+7 bonus, Rhuarc 7+7 bonus, Perrin Goldeneyes 9+20 bonus, Siuan 9, Elyas 4, Lion Throne 5 bonus, Aan'allien 9, Birgitte 9, War Party 7, The Host 9, Heavy Fighting 2 bonus each = 6.

Total: 115 dice.

Again, this is a long wat short of my best effort. See if you can match or beat mine, for both Hero and Villain. Send me your answers and I will tell you how close you got to me (or if you beat it). I will put my best 15 up here sometime soon.


More challenges and games are coming. No prizes at this stage for any of these : )


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