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All decks are by HLX unless otherwise noted.

The City of Illian RAND 10, Illian Called 'The City of Illian' because that's what your opponent should be facing in the last battle - every Illian character and troop available in the game - with a few bonuses on top of that.
The Big Deck (Original Version) RAND 1, All Allegeince All the best characters in the game, with card drawing and recruiting aids filling up the rest of the deck.

The Sweet Sounds of the Horn MOGHEDIEN, Trolloc, Monster A normal Trolloc Horn deck, which should get through nearly all characters and troops by the time Tarmon Gai'don comes around.
Armies of the Wise Ones SAMMAEL, Shaido Wise One, Troops Starts very quickly, getting through all the Shaido Wise Ones. Then continues quickly by drawing and recruiting piles of troops.
The Reinforcer DEMANDRED, Maidens, Reinforcement Every card has reinforcement. You get to choose when and where your armies will clash, so you just have to wait until you have the right cards in your hand, then hit your opponent.
The Reinforcer 2 GRAENDAL, Maidens, Reinforcement The same as the Demandred deck, except it has some deadly monsters thrown in - which I think makes it a better version of this deck.



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