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Netweaver Advantage Character Mimer  
The Musician Advantage Character HighLordXueyam Arduwin
King Gaebril Advantage Character Mimer  
Blacksmith's Hammer Advantage Character heridfel Arduwin
Foxhead Medallion Advantage Character Zaraphel  
The Nine Bees Advantage Player Mimer  
Pride of the Lions Advantage Player HighLordXueyam  
Daes Dae'mar Advantage Player HighLordXueyam  
Rally to the Stone Advantage Player HighLordXueyam  
Defending the Nations Advantage Troop e r bushwacker Arduwin
Illian Corsairs Troop Illian Mimer  
Guardians of the Light Troop Children of the Light Mimer Arduwin
Davram Bashere Character Dragon Lord Perrin Goldeneyes/blarg Arduwin
Shadowkiller Character Dragon Mithrandir the Istari Rolks
Cairhien Royal Guards Troop Cairhien Mimer Arduwin
Two Rivers Defenders Troop Andor e r bushwacker Arduwin
The Price of Healing Event   Lord Perrin Goldeneyes  
Traps Event   HighLordXueyam Arduwin
Power Shield Event   BetrayerOfHope Arduwin
Tower Regiment Troop Aes Sedai Mimer  
Tairen Fleet Troop Tear Lurker  
Illian Council Guard Character Illian Mimer  
Ravens (picture 1) Troop Dark One Mithrandir the Istari Rolks
Ravens (picture 2) Troop Dark One Mithrandir the Istari Arduwin
Political Alliance Challenge   Fetch Fetch
Betrayal Challenge   Mimer Arduwin
Lamgwin Character Andor Lord Perrin Goldeneyes  
Daved Hanlon Character Andor BetrayerOfHope  
Seventh Squadron Troop Dragon heridfel Arduwin
Legion Commander Character Children of the Light HighLordXueyam Fetch
Wolf Pack Troop Mercenary Mithrandir the Istari Fetch
Lord Daerid Character Cairhien Lex Naeblis  
Lord Toram Riatin Character Cairhien BetrayerOfHope Arduwin
Lurk Character Dark One Lex Naeblis Ardwin
Aginor Character Dark One Lex Naeblis HighLordXueyam
Ispan Sedai Character Aes Sedai BetrayerOfHope Arduwin
Ihvon Character Aes Sedai Mimer  
Lord Estean Character Tear Lex Naeblis  
Rodrivar Tihera Character Tear HighLordXueyam  
Blademaster Character Mercenary HighLordXueyam HighLordXueyam
Burn Character Mercenary Mithrandir the Istari Arduwin


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